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About Athletix

Athletix is a crowdfunding platform that enables rising-star minor league athletes from around the world to offer equity in any future major-league contracts in exchange for present-day capital investments for use in training, travel/entry to recruiting events, and external familial and personal obligations that distract from professional development.

Why Athletix

The global sports ecosystem is undemocratic. There is inadequate financial support for athletes and significant income discrepancy between Pro and Minor Leagues. As ex athletes, coaches and parents we know first hand the challenges and struggles athletes experience in their journey. We believe in leveling the playing by providing access to funds to help you reach your athletic dreams.

How It Works

Yasser is a Double A professional baseball player.

Yasser is 18 yrs old and having a great year in Double A while earning $2,000 per month and is looking to raise $100,000, $50K per year to supplement his current income. His current salary is not enough for his living expenses.
Yasser will give 5% of his next MLB contract.
Yasser is able to raise the full amount of $100,000 from 2,000 supporters thanks to the Athletix platform.
Yasser is now able to focus and play without any financial concerns.
At age 21 Yasser wins rookie of the year and signs a 5 year $30 million dollar contract.
$1.5 million dollars will be returned to Yasser’s supporters. A 15X ROI.

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