About Athletix

Athletix is a crowdfunding platform that enables rising-star minor league athletes from around the world to offer equity in any future major-league contracts in exchange for present-day capital investments for use in training, travel/entry to recruiting events, and external familial and personal obligations that distract from professional development.

Our Partners

Providing original design and unique apparel for student-athletes, who envision themselves leaving a legacy beyond sports. Our products represent the power and influence an individual has in this world. We stand among the most prestige sporting brands but none can relate to this way of life like we do.
Washington Heights Invitational Summer Basketball
The 5th Annual Washington Heights Invitational Summer Basketball Tournament created by Jaybie’s Sports Academy, a 501© 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing recreational activity for New York City youth.
Smart & simple basketball/strength and conditioning drills app for teams & individual athletes of all ages.
ByteDance, owner of TikTok the most popular mobile app, enables you to discover a world of creative content platforms powered by world-class AI technology. We inform, entertain and inspire people across borders, cultures, and languages.
WowYow is a visual AI company applying its advanced computer vision and technology to video. Our goal is to solve some of the most pressing problems with content, advertising, and video monetization in the digital media industry today.
Wibbitz patented video automation technology has become a driving force behind the evolution of online video – and the leading solution for quick & intuitive visual storytelling. We now power video production for many of the world’s leading storytellers, improving the quality of their content and supporting the growth of their business.

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